Community Outreach



As the newest WISE initiative, our Community Outreach initiative has expanded our impact on the GTA community by partnering with organizations like Covanent House, University of Toronto’s Girls Maths Program and J&JLabs that share our mission of promoting women’s perseverence to achieve gender equality in the STEM fields. This year, we hope to reach out to women of the GTA of various ages as we further establish the initiative.

International Women's Day

The annual WISE International Women’s Day Gala commemorates the incredible achievements of women everywhere and is a day of unity, celebration, reflection, and advocacy. We invite inspirational women from across a variety of fields to speak about their own experiences and obstacles striving for gender equality. This gala includes keynote speakers, a panel discussion, a catered dinner, a networking reception, and various musical, dance, and spoken word performances.

Main Contact

Nasoe Talash

High School Outreach Director
Industrial Engineering

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